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Planned Parenthood’s 25-year plan of destruction

Planned Parenthood Federation of America has released a plan that it says will guide it through the first quarter of this century. Called “Vision 2025,” it details the ten main goals that PPFA hopes to achieve by the year 2025.

In reading their plan, we were struck by the fact that, in searching the entire document, we did not find a single mention of God. He is nowhere to be found. Instead, the document is filled with goals and rhetoric reminiscent of the Humanist Manifestos. It is man that PPFA sees as the supreme being, and it makes this point continuously—if not overtly. Consider these sentences from its “Promise” in the document: “Hope results from our aspirations and dreams. It is the force that can unleash true human potential and bring a people into harmony with themselves, those they love, their communities, society, and ultimately with the earth.”

In typical Planned Parenthood fashion, they are very careful not to say what they really mean. Through years of experience with these people and their strategies, we have learned how misleading and confusing this can be so we have listed Planned Parenthood’s goals next to what they actually mean but would never admit.

Thus, the ultimate goal for Planned Parenthood is not to achieve Heaven or to live according to the laws of God, but to be in harmony with the earth!

Throughout the “Vision 2025” plan, PP continually makes the point that it cannot achieve its goals without the support and acceptance of other organizations across the United States. It says specifically,  “Over the next quarter-century, we will partner with thousands of other organizations.” And, at another point states, “We envision partnering with faith-based, youth-serving, and other organizations to develop and disseminate positive models of human sexual development.”

If we are to stop Planned Parenthood’s destruction of our society, we must reject its free sex, birth control and abortion mentality and educate others on the evils of the organization. Only then will we be able to prevent it from finding partners to steal the souls of our children and make their plan of destruction a reality.

What Planned Parenthood says

Planned Parenthood will ensure that sexuality is understood as an essential, lifelong aspect of being human and that it is celebrated with respect, openness, and mutuality.

Planned Parenthood will ensure access to reproductive and sexual health care for all.

Planned Parenthood will secure passage of laws and policies, including state and federal constitutional amendments, that guarantee reproductive freedom for all.

Planned Parenthood will ensure worldwide implementation of a human rights and well-being agenda as currently expressed in the Cairo Agreement, with the U.S. fulfilling its financial commitment and implementing those principles in the U.S.

Planned Parenthood will control a successful, diversified media company that creates and distributes the most popular, critically acclaimed health and sexuality programming.

Planned Parenthood will be the model for embracing diversity and expanding the decision-making power base of its stakeholders.

Planned Parenthood will be a significant catalyst for the development and universal dissemination of new reproductive technologies.

Planned Parenthood will be an authoritative voice on bioethical standards related to reproductive health and sexuality.

Planned Parenthood will build the largest donor and citizen activist base of any social movement in this country.

Planned Parenthood will be acknowledged as one of the ten best places to work and volunteer.

What they really mean

Planned Parenthood will use sex education to teach people (including kids!) how to achieve “enjoyment” from sex. In their own words, “We must help people understand that the mind, body, and spirit are enriched by the healthy and responsible enjoyment of sex.”

Planned Parenthood will continue to push for “universal access to birth control” for all ages.

Planned Parenthood will pass laws keeping abortion legal or, in PP’s words, to “guarantee reproductive freedom for all.”

Planned Parenthood will advance their goals of sex education, birth control and abortion not only in the United States, but also around the world, particularily third world countries.

Planned Parenthood will establish a new media company, owned by Planned Parenthood, to further its message of abortion, promiscuity and the alarming spread of the Culure of Death.

Planned Parenthood will expand its acceptance of deviant groups to further its agenda.

Planned Parenthood will create new birth control methods that it will undoubtedly sell and reap profits from.

Planned Parenthood will try and control the debate in bioethics by becoming “an authoritative force in creating the ethics that govern biogenome technology.”

They will try to usurp financial and political support from other not-for-profit groups, ensuring legislative power.

Planned Parenthood will try to overcome their current problems of high staff turnover and low employee morale.

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About the author

Jim Sedlak

Jim Sedlak is executive director of American Life League, founder of STOPP International, and host of a weekly talk show on the Radio Maria Network. He has been successfully fighting Planned Parenthood since 1985.