Enemies of Life

A look Inside the NEA

Would it surprise you to know that the National Education Association, “supports family planning, including the right to reproductive freedom”? According to the NEA’s own literature, its support for “reproductive freedom: includes a woman’s right to have an abortion.” When that single factor was revealed to me, it was convicting information. I left the NEA. If an organization says a person doesn’t have the right to live, then its other policies are of absolutely no value.

The problem is that most teachers do not realize that their dues money is used to support abortion. And if they did know, they would likely have little to no idea that there are alternative organizations available to them. The colleague that shared this with me was also a Christian, and he knew that my Catholic beliefs and his were aligned. He also had information on a viable choice, an alternate association to join. But before I made the decision to leave the NEA, I further researched its political agenda.

Education policies

The Washington Times reported that the NEA’s resolution on family planning states: “The National Education Association supports family planning, including the right to reproductive freedom [abortion]. The association urges the government to give high priority to making available all methods of family planning to women and men unable to take advantage of private facilities. The association also urges the implementation of community-operated, schoolbased family planning clinics that will provide intensive counseling by trained personnel.”

I also read Grading the NEA, a special report by Perry Glanzer, Ph.D., and Travis Pardo. This information confirmed what I already knew in my heart: I could not support the political agendas of the NEA and be faithful to Christ.

Another factor I considered was how the NEA exerts pressure on members thinking of leaving the organization. The union’s motive and method is to cause these teachers to feel insecure about making the choice. Fortunately, there are quality alter-native education associations available to teachers in many states as well as quality alternative national associations. Their existence, however, is relatively unknown.

Escaping the NEA

If you’re a teacher in the NEA and the thought of supporting the Culture of Death disgusts you, then it’s time to escape from the NEA.

I am currently a member of the board of directors of Professional Educators of Iowa, one of the alternative associations (peiowa.org). I meet and work with people who share my beliefs and philosophy of education. Since joining, I have spoken with numerous others about the NEA.

Some tell me that they don’t leave the union because the local association negotiates their salary and they feel it wouldn’t be right to reap the reward without being a member. (Local NEA associations only negotiate the salary because they have the majority.) Others tell me they stay because the organization does so much good, and sometimes we have to “take the good with the bad.” New teachers state they were scooped up into the frenzy of joining the NEA before they even had a chance to review the information they were given or learn about alternatives.

But regardless of the reasons given, staying in an organization that supports abortion—the killing of a preborn child—is never acceptable.

Teachers must remember that teaching is more than a job, it’s a calling. We’re called to guide and inform young people in such a way that they will thrive as positive members of our society. Although teachers are not permitted to teach their faith per se, they can be an example. They can join an ethical union or association for security and professionalism and know that their dues are definitely not supporting abortion.

Whether it is acknowledged openly or not, teaching, and the responsibility it carries, is sacred. Teachers as well as parents must support and protect the ones in their care, and that is why all of us must stand firm for the truth. If we do, the NEA will be compelled to reevaluate its position on abortion or lose its Christian members.

Fast NEA facts

• The NEA is aligned with SIECUS, an independent organization that dubs itself the Sexuality Information and Education Council in the United States. According to a SIECUS public policy fact sheet: “The National Education Association recommends the SIECUS Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education as a resource in developing appropriate school-based Curriculum.” SIECUS opposes abstinence-only education, but endorses abortion, contraception, masturbation, use of sexually explicit materials, reproductive education for adolescents and Planned Parenthood.

• Top NEA management is pro-abortion. For example, NEA chief lobbyist and federal advocacy advisor Randall J. Moody served on the Planned Parenthood Action Fund PAC as an original board member and treasurer for three years. Moreover, Moody was on Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s board of directors from 1995-2002, in addition to acting as co-chairman of Planned Parenthood Republicans for Choice.

• Despite protestations by its pro-life members, last year the NEA opened its headquarters as a hospitality center to demonstrators in the so-called March for Women’s Lives. NEA affiliates from New Jersey and elsewhere organized buses to bring demonstrators to the event.

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