The gift of love, the gift of life

I stood in awe as her contractions progressed. Gently, I dried her forehead from the sweat of labor. One moment we laughed and the next I wiped her countless tears. We both knew that today our lives would change forever.

Within hours, her contractions intensified. The doctor finally arrived. Quickly we moved to the delivery room. The coldness of the room was warmed by the miracle about to take place. I sat by her side, brushing her hair away from her face as I continued to coach her. With one final push, the baby emerged. The doctor cut the cord separating mother and child. The room held silence, except for the first sounds of a healthy cry. For a moment, time seemed to stand still. I took a deep breath as the nurse carefully bundled the precious newborn and then laid her in my arms. For the young woman who had just given birth had chosen me to become the mother of her child.

As I touched and cradled my daughter for the first time, I glanced at her biological mother out of the corner of my eye. As our eyes met, they spoke volumes. I nodded to assure her of my sanctioned vows to motherhood. I held my newborn daughter and brought her to the lips of her biological mother. I took a mental picture as I watched the final kiss goodbye. My voice quivered as I tried to find appropriate words to express my thanks. She smiled at me as tears streamed down her face. I saw her struggle as I began to bond with my priceless gift.

Walking to the newborn nursery, I gasped at my own thoughts. The image of God the Father played in slow motion across my mind. I tried to imagine how God had reacted the moment His Son, Jesus, was born. I pictured God beholding His infant Son. I imagined Him touching His Holy Child and cradling Him within His bosom. Perhaps tears had formed in God’s eyes as He conceived the provision, the plan He had created for the redemption of my sins. I wondered if God, too, lifted baby Jesus to His lips, kissing His Son goodbye as He handed Mary His Son. I cried, as I could not find words to express my thanks.

Before this day I had never comprehended such an act of love. It was courageous, unselfish love that motivates the gift of life my daughter received. It was joy unspeakable to be given a child, to become a family. The memories of this day will forever be treasured. For through this experience, I, for the first time, began to understand how deeply God loved me.  He gave up His child for all of us.

This Christmas, walk with me to the newborn nursery. See the miracle of God’s love, the birth of baby Jesus. Experience the awesome reality that God has chosen you to receive His child. Look in His eyes, open your heart and graciously accept as God lays His Son into your arms.

May you receive the gift of love that God so fully gives, the gift of the Christ Child.

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Janet Lynn Mitchell

Janet Lynn Mitchell is a wife and mother of three. She is also an inspirational speaker and author of numerous articles and stories in compilations.