From Abortion to Adoption

The CLSP 2022 Pro-Life Essay Contest was a fantastic opportunity for us to listen to kids and teens as they expressed their thoughts about the sanctity of life. This year, a young woman’s personal story moved us to tears. We were so inspired that we wanted to share it here in the hopes that more people will understand the beauty and selflessness of adoption.

I am 14 years old, and for as long as I can remember I have been pro-life. I am very passionate about this topic, not only because I am adopted, but also because I was almost killed in an abortion. The CLSP essay prompt never said that the saint had to be dead, so I decided to put a twist on my essay. My name is Serena, and the saint I chose to write my essay on is my birth mother. 

Fourteen years ago, my birth mother Kelly (age 19) and birth father Josh (age 20) found out that they were pregnant. My birth father was really scared and told my birth mother that she needed to have an abortion, but she was hesitant about it. Shortly thereafter, other people were telling her that she was too young and that she had to kill her baby and that it was her “right to do so.” Despite all of the pressure, she chose to say no to all the people weighing her down with all of their negative remarks. That day, she saved a life. My life. Even though my birth mother had no religious affiliation, she knew that abortions kill babies. With peace in her heart, she chose adoption so that I could have a better life. 

Amazingly enough, once my birth mother made the adoption plan, my birth father was totally on board and was even in the delivery room when I was born! He held me and fed me and loved me. Along with my birth mother, he comes every single year to see me at our annual visit. It means the world to me. If a scared birth father can learn the truth about abortion, I am convinced that anyone can. 

My birth mother’s story really inspired me and showed me how brave and strong she is. She is the reason why I am alive today, and I believe that God put me here to share my story to the world. From the very start of my life, I feel like I am one of the voices for the preborn. 

This year at school we had to write a personal memoir, and I knew that I was going to write about almost being killed in an abortion. After I wrote my memoir, I asked the teacher if I could read it out loud, and she thought it was a great idea. She organized a Socratic seminar for the whole class, and she insisted I go first because of how powerful it was. I was very excited for this because I really hoped I could show my class how devastating abortions are. 

When my day came, I was nervous but ready. After I read my story, the class was able to share their opinions and ask questions. At first, it started with mostly everyone saying how moving and powerful my story was. Then it turned into pro-choice statements. In the end, not one student in my class stood up for life. I was shocked to learn that people my age could be so against life. It really hurt to know that my friends believed that abortions were justified. 

The next week, a group of girls was supposed to present their seminar on the pro-choice side of abortion, but they backed out and chose a different topic. I never did ask them why they backed out, but I’d like to think that my presentation had a positive effect on them and at least got them thinking about the truth about abortion. 

Along with sharing my story to my classmates, I can educate people about this topic in high school. While visiting a high school near me, I discovered that they have a pro-life club, which I will be joining. I can also pray in front of Planned Parenthood, which I’ve done in the past. And since I am so passionate about this topic, I really hope to give others a better understanding of how tragic abortion is just by giving them the facts in a nonjudgmental way.

I believe that everyone who is pro-life has the ability to protect those who are preborn or whose life is vulnerable in some way.

In the end, my birth mother led me to live a life where I stand up for what I believe in, even if it’s not the popular choice, and my story helps me show others the real truth behind abortions. I picked a saint that few people know about. My birth mother’s story is so amazing, and even though she wasn’t canonized by a pope, she still performed a miracle. And that miracle was choosing to save my life. 

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About the author

Serena Farace

Serena Farace is 14 years old and is in 8th grade. She has four younger half siblings whom she sees once a year along with her birth parents. Her brother Timothy, age seven, is also adopted, and she has four adopted cousins!