What Do We Do Now?

Joe Biden takes office next week, and he and Kamala Harris are set to be the most pro-abortion presidential team in the nation’s history.

Biden told voters where he stood, yet people voted for him. Biden chose the pro-abortion Kamala Harris as his running mate, yet people still voted for him. Now, Biden has indicated the people he will appoint as cabinet members—people who will help him make crucial decisions—many of whom will not uphold the dignity of the preborn baby. This includes his latest pick of Jaime Harrison to lead the Democratic National Committee. Harrison not only supports abortion on demand, but supports using tax dollars to pay for abortions and opposed the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act in South Carolina.

It seems like everyone Biden is surrounding himself with wants to see more dead babies.

Though Christ tells us that we must always have hope, we know that we must also remain realistic. A Biden presidency will not see a respect for the sacredness of all life. That is why we must take action.

But what do we do? How do we build a culture of life when it seems that people are hell-bent on perpetuating the culture of death?

We pray, we discern, and then we act.

We pray unceasingly for the babies, for our nation, for the people in both national and local governments, and for the personal strength to not sit idly by and watch this president trash all the good that Trump did in the pro-life sector. Then our prayers must focus on asking God to help us understand our roles. We discern how we can help effect change and make a difference.

Do we peacefully stand in front of an abortion clinic? Do we write letters to our congressmen and senators? Do we speak out on social media? Do we join the pro-life group at church? Do we speak to our priests about being more vocal at the pulpit? Do we volunteer at pregnancy resource centers? Everyone has the responsibility to do something. God gave all of us different talents; it’s our duty to use them to glorify Him and take care of His children.

Further, as parents and teachers, it’s our obligation to raise a pro-life generation. We must teach children, from the time they’re old enough to listen and learn, about the sanctity of all human beings. As they get older, we must talk openly and candidly about the anti-life views that many people—especially people in government—hold. We must give our children the courage to stand up and speak on behalf of the preborn, the sick, the elderly, and the disabled. If we don’t teach them, they will learn the opposite from a world determined to push its abortion agenda on us.

Now is the time to act. As you pray, remember the sage words of Maximilian Kolbe: “The most deadly poison of our times is indifference.”

Now is not the time to be indifferent.


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Susan Ciancio

Susan Ciancio is the editor of Celebrate Life Magazine and executive editor for the Culture of Life Studies Program.