Say the Word ‘Abortion,’ Mr. President

Euphemisms are often used in polite society to make distasteful words more palatable. But sometimes they are spoken to hide the truth. Nowhere was this more evident than in Biden’s State of the Union address on March 7 when he refused to say the word abortion and instead repeatedly referred to it as “reproductive freedom.”

Biden, who claims to be Catholic, spent just a handful of minutes discussing abortion, yet his words were carefully crafted to not only incite anger but to make it seem like those who oppose abortion have waged a war against women. This was especially evident when he stated that “freedom and democracy are under attack.”

And when speaking about the Dobbs decision that allowed states to make laws regarding abortion, he asked, “What freedom else [sic] would you take away?”

He went on to lament the “chaos that has resulted” from Dobbs. And in a misguided attempt to pull at the heartstrings of those who want abortion to be legal anytime and anywhere, he pointed to a woman in the audience who had to travel to a different state to kill her child.

Many in the audience shook their heads in disbelief or in dismay, indicating how terrible they felt it was for this poor woman to not have had access to this “freedom.”

Biden then referred to the “power of women” saying that, if reelected, he “will restore Roe v. Wade as law of the land.”

Women, beware! Biden and his followers want you to believe that you have no power unless you can kill your preborn child. They want you to believe that you are better off with a dead baby than a living one and that you accomplish less in life if you have a child.

They also want you to believe that killing your baby is a simple procedure that gets rid of a “problem” and that women can happily move on with their lives and accomplish bigger and brighter things.

And the worst part? They truly expect you to believe these lies.

But the reality is that abortion kills a baby. Every single time. And quite brutally, I might add. Depending on the baby’s age when the abortion is committed, he will either be starved to death and expelled from the womb or torn apart limb from limb. This is the truth they don’t want you to think about when you hear the word abortion. That’s why they call it “reproductive freedom” or a “right.”

And they don’t want women to see the damage abortion does to their own bodies and minds. Police officers and military personnel will tell you that taking a life—even in self-defense—takes a mental and emotional toll on them. Indeed, studies have found that “killing or seriously injuring someone in the line of duty was significantly associated with PTSD symptoms.”

So how much worse is it for a mother who kills her own innocent baby? Pro-abortionists are lying to you when they say it will not affect you. Counselors, like those at Project Rachel who deal with post-abortive women, know the reality. They know that women feel regret after having an abortion. Sometimes this regret doesn’t surface for years, maybe even decades. But it does surface, and its symptoms are very similar to PTSD.

So when our president throws away his Catholic faith for the proverbial thirty pieces of silver he gets from pro-abortion organizations like Planned Parenthood, is it any wonder that he wants to hide the ugliness of abortion and use terms like “women’s autonomy,” “healthcare,” and “reproductive freedom”? Is it any wonder that he wants women to believe that they are being attacked?

Women, being beholden to the abortion lobby is not freedom. Being encouraged to kill your offspring is not healthcare. They are lying to you.

They don’t want you to believe that you can be strong and raise a child alone. They don’t want the man to stand up, be responsible, and be a father. They don’t want you to embrace your womanhood.

It’s a theme that came full circle when, toward the end of his speech, Biden yelled, “I see a future where we restore and protect our freedoms not take them away.”

Imagine having such a stake in something that you have to repeatedly mention it. Remember, if you repeat a lie often enough, people think it’s the truth. This well-played tactic was out in full force during this speech.

But they will never change the truth that, no matter what you call it, abortion kills a baby and harms the mother. Abortion destroys families and weakens society.

Biden and his allies don’t care about this. They want more abortion—death to the “unwanted,” death to the unloved, power to those who advocate for this death, and disdain for those who work to protect life.

What will it take for women to stop believing these lies? It takes all of us. It takes a refusal to be silent. It takes parents and grandparents teaching children the science behind a developing baby. It takes priests standing up in front of congregations and discussing the sanctity of life. It takes each one of us having the courage to vote for those who protect life and to always tell the truth about abortion.

We do this because we love both moms and their babies and because true power comes in embracing life and in caring for another person, not in destroying them.

This article first appeared in the Catholic World Report at catholicworldreport.com/2024/03/13/mr-president-say-the-word-and-tell-the-truth-about-abortion.

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Susan Ciancio

Susan Ciancio is the editor of Celebrate Life Magazine and executive editor for the Culture of Life Studies Program.