RU486 abortion reversal

Pro-abortion advocates never miss a beat when reciting their convoluted scripts. They have described abortion reversal as “junk science” (see here) and “lies dressed up as medicine” (see here). Their contentious choice of words reveals their obvious disdain for abortion reversal, but offers nothing by way of a cogent rebuttal.

These pro-abortion spokespersons are always quick to parade their imaginary altruism with terms like “pro-choice,” but such terms suddenly forfeit any meaning when a mother changes her mind about a medical abortion in progress. Proven science and successful medicine are labeled “junk” and “lies,” since the pro-abortion advocate’s inability to provide a substantive refutation becomes irrelevant in the face of contradictory evidence for the simple reason that abortion reversal does not fit the pro-abortion agenda.

Despite the rhetoric, however, the reality is what it is and not what pro-abortion proponents wish it to be. There are professional healthcare organizations that provide scientifically proven medical assistance to women who wish to halt the deadly effects of RU486. These organizations provide true compassionate care for mothers with regrets.

Make sure to read Rob Sample’s article “Abortion Reversal” that tells the story of one such organization, Abortion Pill Reversal, and how they gladly intervened when Sara DeJulio reached out for help. APR’s solicitous medical intervention gave Sara, a young woman with second thoughts, a precious second chance named Emilia Grace.

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