REVIEW: Unexpected Choice—An Abortion Doctor’s Journey to Pro-Life

Every abortionist needs spiritual intervention. Without it, we cannot expect the physicians who make a living from killing to lay down their weapons permanently. Just ask Dr. Patti Giebink. In her conversion story, the former abortionist introduces us to those intercessors who undoubtedly helped her exit the abortion industry. 

Most OB/GYNs do not choose abortion violence to be the focus of their practice. Some accept the work through a false sense of “protecting women’s health.” That is how Dr. Giebink was introduced to it. Weekends with feminist lobby groups mixed with grooming by other abortionists eager to expand or retire from their business led her to making it her profession. 

In her book Unexpected Choice, Giebink not only tells her story but relates some of the gruesome details of patients she has seen over the years.

Giebink began a private practice after completing her residency at Indiana University Medical Center. Notoriety came when Planned Parenthood—the only abortion business in town—recruited her. That is when the Holy Spirit began to put in place His recruits who would stir Giebink’s heart and guide her into abandoning the culture of death. 

Sister Josita is one of those recruits. Giebink dedicates an entire chapter to the little nun who lived in a low-income apartment complex assisting disadvantaged families. When the local paper published a story about the town’s new abortionist, Sister Josita began what would be a 10-year prayer commitment for Patti’s conversion.

In her book, Patti walks us through her encounters with pro-life leaders, advocates, and organizations eager to celebrate her conversion, but an introduction to a room of pro-life volunteers running a statewide campaign leaves her feeling like she’s still an outsider. It isn’t until Patti breaks down in front of tens of thousands at a Christian youth rally in Nashville that her conversion comes to completion. Her experience reminds us that it is not the pro-life movement that leads people to repentance, it is the humble individuals who befriend us despite our dark and wicked past. Conversion happens through the presence of unremitting, uncompromising, and principled peers.

Unexpected Choice inspires necessary advice for those of us who are dedicated to saving vulnerable human beings. Without material and emotional intervention by pro-life peers, counselors, and educators, abortion-vulnerable mothers will seek solutions from those who offer them, provided of course that they have enough cash in hand.

As pro-life advocates, we might have a rash tendency to characterize all abortionists as back-alley monsters like Kermit Gosnell. Dr. Giebink challenges that perception. She shows us that the people inside America’s largest abortion provider, abortionists included, need passionate pro-life people who will accept the challenge of asking the Holy Spirit to awaken the consciences of those who take the lives of His children for a living. This work requires persistence and a humble heart. Giebink reminds us that pro-life advocacy is not exclusively about saving human lives. It’s also about saving souls. 

Unexpected Choice: An Abortion Doctor’s Journey to Pro-Life by Patti Giebink, MD, and Kimberly Shumate; Focus on the Family Publishing 2021; 208 pages; $15.99 (Paperback) 

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