I am Charlie Gard

If you are unfamiliar with the Charlie Gard story, or some of the details, here is a good overview.

We have come to a uniquely dark moment in history when hospitals and courts sometimes have more say over a child’s life than his own parents. Hospitals exist to do everything possible to ease physical suffering and prolong the lives of human beings, no? Courts exist to provide just rulings that protect human rights and interests—the right to life being fundamental—right?

Make no mistake about this situation with Charlie Gard. It is not about medicine and it is not about law. It is about two cultures that are diametrically opposed, namely, the culture of life and the culture of death.

Fortuitously, the situation with Charlie Gard is now unfolding on a world stage. This particular battle matters BIG TIME because the world is watching and needs to see that Charlie Gard is our children, our grandchildren, our nephew, our neighbor, and ultimately, you and me.

How a society views the dignity and value of each and every individual human being determines whether that society enshrines a culture of life or a culture of death.

Now is the time to make a solid stand for Charlie, for all of us…for a culture of life!

Here are 3 practical calls to action (especially for the rest of this week/weekend and the beginning of next):

  1. Sign this petition at Citizen Go. It has been successful so far and can be more so with more signatures!
  2. Use the hashtag #IAmCharlieGard on social media, especially this Sunday and Monday (July 23-24).
  3. Pray. Pray especially for Justice Francis on Monday and Tuesday (he is the judge who will rule early next week).

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