Do not trust writers who ignore the dictionary

In a recent article entitled “Women Who Have Had Abortions on Why They’re Proud Not to be Moms on Mother’s Day,” Jenny Kutner says, “I’ve never felt an early, unintended, unwanted pregnancy made me a mother.” This is an odd statement for a senior staff writer to make, especially since none of the adjectives she uses (“early,” “unintended,” and “unwanted”) change the meaning of “pregnancy.”

Let’s turn to Dictionary.com to clarify any confusion this unusual statement might have caused.

What is pregnancy?

…the state, condition, or quality of being pregnant (see here).

What does “pregnant” mean?

…having a child or other offspring developing in the body; with child or young, as a woman or female mammal (see here).

*Note: In this definition,”child or other offspring” refers to “child or young” and “woman or female mammal” respectively. So, Dictionary.com defines “pregnant” to mean a “woman” (human being) with “child” or a “female mammal” with “other offspring” (“other offspring” meaning other than human offspring). Pregnant human beings (women) carry children, while female mammals carry other offspring, for example, dogs carry dogs.

What are “offspring”?

…children or young of a particular parent or progenitor (see here).

What is a “parent”?

…a father or a mother (see here).

What is a “mother”

…a female parent (see here).

An “early” pregnancy is still a pregnancy; an “unintended” pregnancy is still a pregnancy; an “unwanted” pregnancy is still a pregnancy. Pregnancy always makes the female parent a “mother” and the male parent a “father.” Feelings cannot change the meanings of words.

Women who have had abortions are still moms on Mother’s Day; they are the mothers of deceased children. Feelings will not change this, so pay no attention to writers who ignore the dictionary in favor of an agenda.

There is real mercy and authentic healing eagerly awaiting all post-abortive mothers who want it. The Lord says, “I will not reject anyone who comes to me” (John 6:37). It is true! His merciful heart’s burning desire to forgive and heal is infinitely greater than any penitent’s desire to be forgiven and healed.

Finally, there are also places where post-abortive mothers can turn for help (see Rachel’s Vineyard). If you are one of these mothers, know that mercy and healing are yours for the asking.

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