Dangerous Changes in Sex Ed

Parents of kids in New Jersey public schools, be aware and be vigilant. While our attention has been focused on a nation burning and pillaged by rioters and looters, another type of pillaging has occurred. The NJ State Board of Education recently approved new sex education standards—standards that are heavily influenced by Planned Parenthood and other organizations of the same ilk. While these goals are not mandatory and are left up to the individual school boards to implement, there is certainly cause for concern.

According to InsiderNJ: “The new guidelines and educational requirements feature an updated, more comprehensive curriculum that includes expanded content topics, including LGBTQ identities and consent.”

Let’s look at some of the new goals for NJ students.

At the end of grade 2, students will “discuss the range of ways people express their gender and how gender-role stereotypes may limit behavior.”

At the end of grade 5, students will “differentiate between sexual orientation and gender identity.”

At the end of grade 8, students will “describe pregnancy testing, the signs of pregnancy, and pregnancy options, including parenting, abortion, and adoption.” (emphasis added)

In addition, grade 8 students will:

  • Differentiate between gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation.
  • Identify short and long-term contraception and safer sex methods that are effective and describe how to access and use them.
  • Identify factors that are important in deciding whether and when to engage in sexual behaviors.
  • Develop a plan to eliminate or reduce risk of unintended pregnancy and STIs (including HIV).

And by the time they leave high school, students should be able to “advocate for school and community policies and programs that promote dignity and respect for people of all genders [sic], gender expressions, gender identities, and sexual orientations.”

Wow. That’s a lot to throw at children. It almost sounds like brainwashing. Forget morality or science, which says that (barring chromosomal abnormalities) people are either male or female! Children in NJ will now be learning what liberals want them to learn. And this indoctrination starts when they are still learning to read. No doubt they will be labeled intolerant if they choose to discuss any morals that they’re taught at home.

The developers of this curriculum are trying desperately to take the place of parents and morality when it comes to kids’ sexuality. They’re trying desperately to get kids to “accept” what they want them to believe.

Contrast this agenda with an education reform bill recently passed by the Mexican state legislature of Nuevo Leon. This bill is intended to foster in students the “respect for life from conception to natural death.”

According to the Catholic News Agency:

The law reflects the state constitution, which affirms that “the state recognizes, protects and defends the right to life that every human being has. From the moment of conception that life comes under the protection of the Law and is considered as having been born with regards to all corresponding legal effects until its natural death.”

The new bill also calls for the “inclusion, through the development of special training, programs for the employment of people with some kind of disability.”

The legislator who introduced the bill said that they want kids to learn to value all people. In addition, students will learn that abortion is an “attack on human life.”

Think about the difference these two programs will make on children’s lives. In NJ, kids will grow up hearing that abortion is a viable (and maybe the best) option, that there are many genders, and that sex is something you can do with anyone as long as it’s “safe.”

In Nuevo Leon, kids will grow up learning that a baby is a baby from his creation onward. They will learn that people with disabilities should be valued just like anyone else. They will understand that all human beings have dignity. They will learn the value of chastity.

Which would you prefer for your children? Which is better for their moral development, for their dating relationships, and for their relationship with a future spouse? Which is better for their souls?

It’s a travesty what we’re allowing our nation to teach our children. We are failing them when we don’t teach them God’s truths, His unconditional love, the beauty of married sexuality, and the importance of family life.

We know that the family is the cornerstone of society. We’ve seen all too well how it’s broken down here in America. Nuevo Leon has begun something beautiful and wonderful. What can we do to follow in its footsteps and build a culture of life here in the states?

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Susan Ciancio is an editor for American Life League and lives with her three children in Knoxville, Tennessee.