Cupid’s wicked arrows

OkCupid, the popular dating app, openly supports Planned Parenthood and now allows members to see if potential dates support PP as well.

“The deeply polarizing 2016 election caused couples to split up at record rates due to political differences, and plenty of women (*raises hand*) aren’t interested in a relationship with a man who doesn’t support Planned Parenthood,” writes Caitlin Flynn for Refinery29.com (see here).

You can put your hand down now, Caitlin. I think we all have the picture.

In your world, the pro-PP narrative and its various nuances prevail, and apparently, a date with a seemingly pleasant, attractive guy can be ruined by the awful revelation that he does not support PP. After all, you are seeking men with values and integrity; men who understand equality, tolerance, and diversity.

At last, “supporters of the organization [PP] won’t have to show up to a first date only to learn that their match believes it should be federally defunded,” as you say in your article. Finally, right? I mean, how many of your dates have been destroyed by discovering that the guy didn’t think PP should receive everybody’s money with no questions asked?! After all, you think his money should be used to support something he does not believe in…so what is this close-minded guy’s problem? He must be a misogynistic racist bigot.

It is such a relief to know that you can avoid meeting anybody from that plethora of monstrous men who want to make sure PP never receives another taxpayer penny; money that the organization only uses to help all those poverty-stricken women who just need a Pap test or a breast exam. You can finally prescreen those countless droves of creepy men prowling in the shadows, thinking about how much they hate women deep down and long to deny basic healthcare to every last woman on the planet…oh, the mere thought of those horrible, horrible men must be making you sick to your stomach. You are looking for men with substance and moral integrity, right? Thank goodness for this app!

Okay, back to reality.

We all know the main reason why many men (and women) do not support PP and do not want their hard-earned money going to the organization. It is because they want nothing to do with an organization that pushes unbridled sexual license and perversity while mercilessly killing children every single day. It’s a shame, Caitlin, that you only want to find men who support such wicked things while applauding the government for unjustly using everybody’s money to support the same.

In summary, here is what this PP-supportive filter on OkCupid actually does for you. It allows you to find dates who share your extremely self-centered, irrational, and morally bankrupt views on human dignity, human sexuality, and the common good. It is a way for you to meet lots of men who are thrilled to know that you have no hang-ups about premarital sex and using contraceptives or abortifacients; and if it happens, men who will gladly smile should you decide to kill any offspring the two of you freely participate in creating.

This app is not about politics or differing political views as you suggest; it’s about lives and it’s about souls. It’s an app for supporting and pursuing evil.

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