Chefs, apps, t-shirts, and sex toys

What do two chefs, a smartphone app, some t-shirts, and a sex toy shop all have in common? Isn’t it obvious? Why it’s Planned Parenthood, of course.

Let’s take a look at Chefs Stand Up, the Ooti app, “Wild Feminist” t-shirts, and a filthy little shop in Colorado known as “Vibrant” to see how these things are all connected to PP.

Chefs Stand Up

Two chefs, Sarah Hymanson and Sara Kramer, recently held their Chefs Stand Up dinner in Miami Beach. They will give 100 percent of the proceeds to PP.

Hymanson chose PP because she thinks the nation’s largest abortion chain is “a direct action charity organization” that “provides reproductive services and basic health care in areas where individuals might not have any other options” (see here).

Kramer said, “I think it’s important for us to do things like this, because the more we can talk about our support of PP and why, the more that reverberates into the world, and the more that gets put out there, the better” (see here).

Ooti App

This app provides an emoji named Ooti for messaging. According to the website for the app, “Ooti is an expressive uterus in shades of millennial pink” (see here) that was made to “celebrate this amazing reproductive organ as well as support the fantastic health services PP provides” (see here).

This one is ironic since the purpose of the uterus is to provide a temporary maternal home for new human beings, something PP exists to interrupt or destroy (here is an excellent breakdown of the irony). Nevertheless, all proceeds from Ooti go to PP.

Wild Feminist T-Shirts

Wildfang, a retailer in Oregon specializing in ambitiously priced “feminist fashion,” is upset with Forever 21, a retailer in California, for apparently ripping off its “Wild Feminist” t-shirt.

Forever 21 has been accused of such shenanigans before; however, it seems the main reason the owner of Wildfang, Emma Mcilroy, is upset is because 10 percent of sales from this $40 “Wild Feminist” t-shirt goes to PP and the ACLU. Mcilroy said, “When you rip off that T-shirt, you’re not just ripping off us; you’re also taking money out of the pocket of PP and the ACLU, because 10% of every product that we make goes directly to them” (see here).


Vibrant is a sex toys shop in Denver. The Vibrant executive team is composed entirely of former PP employees who established Vibrant to raise money for the abortion business. The connection is obvious; a chaste and responsible population is terrible for the abortion industry.

The local PP receives 100 percent of Vibrant’s proceeds. It is a double whammy; make money selling perverted sex toys to feed people’s base desires, then make money selling abortions to those who wish to shirk responsibility for the children they participated in making. Vicki Cowart, spokeswoman for PP of the Rocky Mountains, stated that these additional streams of income are critical for the organization (see here), and of course, PP of the Rocky mountains advertises these adult toys on its social media.


It is obvious that PP has no difficulty obtaining many extra streams of income through both corporate and private donations. Executive editor of The Stream, Jay Richards, says, “PP from the beginning has been the recipient of private charitable donations and foundation donations. If you look at all of the corporate donations they have, it’s staggering. Even other nonprofits, like the Susan G. Komen foundation, which deals with breast cancer, give PP funding” (see here).

The truth is that PP has absolutely no need for taxpayer money! The nation’s largest abortion chain has money pouring in from so many sources that it’s coming out of its executives’ ears.

Nevertheless, the insatiable greed of PP executives drives them to continue pushing the false narrative that taxpayer funding of PP is necessary for the health of countless individuals, especially the poor and underprivileged. You know the story…without PP receiving taxpayer funding, more than half the country might wake up dead tomorrow morning. Of course, this narrative is complete rubbish.

As evidenced above, we were easily able to find 4 stories about corporate donations to PP just this week. This does not even take into consideration PP’s other sources of revenue—not to mention its illegal sources like the money it generates from its macabre baby-body-parts business.

Unfortunately, PP is more than capable of continuing without taxpayer funding. The injustice of taking our tax dollars to make such a wicked organization wealthier is second only to the injustice of the organization’s merciless daily slaughter of countless innocents.

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