A Weapon That Satan Despises

These are tumultuous—and often violent and disturbing—times. We look around and often cannot believe the state of our country and the chaos enveloping our cities. Recent events prove that Satan is real. He’s not a mythical creature found only in the Bible or in other stories. As we discussed last week, his presence is pervasive, and sometimes we are so accustomed to him that we don’t even notice him. With this awareness, it’s easy to succumb to feelings of powerlessness and hopelessness.

But God is also real. That, we know. And He is our recourse against the devil. Indeed, He—along with the saints, the angels, and Mary—arms us with spiritual weapons to help us combat the devil.

And you can carry one of these weapons right in your pocket.

Of course, we are talking about the Rosary.

The Rosary is the greatest spiritual weapon we have, and those who pray it faithfully have seen its immense power.

Invoking the intercession of Mary, the Rosary is our prayer asking her to go to her Son with our concerns and our needs.

Jesus’ first miracle came at the request of His mother. An obedient Son, He could not say no. So it is only natural that we go to Mary with our troubles, assured that she will listen and intercede for us.

At Fatima, especially, Mary encouraged the children to pray the Rosary daily, and they faithfully did so.

Should we not have the same faith and obedience as those small children?

A beautiful reminder of the life of Christ and our salvation history, the Rosary takes us through Jesus’ life, encouraging us to reflect upon real events—the sorrows, the joys, and the miraculous.

Friends and acquaintances have often told me that they find it difficult to say the Rosary because it’s repetitive or takes too much time. Yet, just five decades take only 15-20 minutes to say. Think about how much time you spend on your phone, how much time you spend watching TV, or how much time you spend surfing the Internet or scrolling through social media. Yes, those are mindless activities that often help you unwind, and in today’s harried world, we need that sometimes. But they don’t help you grow spiritually. They don’t buoy you. They don’t make a difference in your life or the lives of others. In fact, these outlets may often bring you down.

The Rosary makes a difference.

And you can make a difference by pledging to say it every day.

However, if saying all five decades at once intimidates you, start with just one. Or say one decade at different times during the day—while making dinner, while doing laundry, or while picking up the kids from school. The point is to develop the habit of reflecting on Christ’s life and to spend time in prayer.

When Christ withdrew to the Garden of Gethsemane, He asked His Apostles to stay awake and wait for Him. They could not stay awake, even for an hour.

Mary asks you for just 15 minutes a day.

When you begin to say the Rosary daily, you will notice a transformation in yourself. You will feel an inner joy bursting to release itself. You will feel the power of prayer and a closeness to Our Lady. And you will see prayer at work.

We all need prayer. Our nation is in dire need. The pandemic, abortion, a disregard for life, and unrest in the streets—coupled with our own personal difficulties—often leave us feeling anxious, scared, and alone.

Fifteen minutes a day with Mary can help combat those feelings.

So begin today. Grab your Rosary and take time to say it. Say it for peace, say it for your family or friends, say it for help with your own struggles, or say it to help combat abortion.

American Life League’s Marian Blue Wave project is a simple way to join with others around the country to say prayers to end abortion and close Planned Parenthood and all abortion centers.

The Rosary is a beautiful way to grow closer to Christ and to Mary by putting yourself front and center in their lives. And it’s the best weapon we have to fight the evil in this world.

We are not powerless! Satan hates the Rosary. Let’s arm ourselves with it and enter the fray!

If you do not know how to pray the Rosary, or if you have forgotten, this site has an excellent guide. Or download an app on your phone to listen and pray along in the car.


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