A quiet coloring moment

Last week, Planned Parenthood sent an e-mail to it supporters to thank them for all they do. To show appreciation, PP “put together some Resistance-themed mini coloring pages” for its most committed supporters to download and enjoy, stating:

“You deserve a quiet coloring moment, don’t you think? Thanks for being the kind of supporter our country needs.”

Here is an image of the 4 mini coloring pages PP supporters can download:

Hmmm…it seems like PP missed a few things. That’s okay…I have taken the liberty of filling in some of the missing gaps by creating 4 cutting-through-the-bologna-themed mini coloring pages:

Image 1: Cecile Richards lies to Congress about her lying about PP providing mammograms.

Image 2: A PP employee accepts a chunk of illegal cash for the sale of baby body parts.

Image 3: PP’s well-known 3% myth and an estimate of how much money PP makes a year committing abortions (see here).

Image 4: PP sneakily trying to gain the upper hand once again by playing its favorite card…the Victim Card.

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