“The Deadly Dozen” You can’t be both Catholic and pro-abortion

American Life League launched the “Crusade for the Defense of our Catholic Church” so that we might help others initiate a positive change among our Catholic brothers and sisters.  We did this because we have a moral obligation to do all we can to help our fellow human beings realize that the act of abortion murders a person, is a deadly crime and must not be tolerated.

Pope John Paul II teaches in the Gospel of Life, #58:  “The moral gravity of procured abortion is apparent in all its truth if we recognize that we are dealing with murder….”

Catholic politicians who support and/or advocate abortion are committing grievous sin and should be denied the Sacrament of Holy Communion.  Canon Law 915 makes that clear.  It states in part:

“Those who have been excommunicated or interdicted after the imposition or the declaration of a penalty as well as others who obstinately persist in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to Communion.”

Therefore, we present to you “The Deadly Dozen”—12 United States senators who claim to be Catholic, yet advocate the direct murder of preborn boys and girls.  We call on you to help us communicate our concerns to their bishops, asking them to make sure that these men and women are respectfully denied the Blessed Sacrament until such time as they publicly renounce their support for the deadly act of abortion.

Planned Parenthood annually releases a chart that ranks politicians based on their voting records. The ranking reflects their support of Planned Parenthood and its pro-abortion agenda. Compared to many pro-life standards, Planned Parenthood is rigid and unforgiving. This only adds to the shame of finding many Catholic politicians ranking high, some even at 100% pro-abortion. The chart at right shows how our “Deadly Dozen” senators ranked, and lists their respective bishops.

One of the most tragic effects of this situation is the scandal that is created. Many people, Catholics and non-Catholics alike, see that these politicians adhere to a belief system that is in complete defiance of Catholic doctrine, yet they continue to participate fully in the Mass.

Webster defines scandal as “any conduct that has at least the appearance of evil and that offers to a neighbor an occasion of spiritual ruin.”

The word is derived from a Greek word signifying a snare or trap prepared for an enemy, or a stone or block laid in the road that he may stumble or trip over it. In use, it is applied in a wide or general sense, and in a strict or special sense.  In its wide sense, it refers to any kind of harm, especially of a spiritual or moral nature, that one brings on others. In its strict sense, it refers to a fall into sin which one occasions for others by misconduct.

We have already sent a certified letter to each of the bishops, notifying them of our intentions and asking for their support. We have also initiated a “Deadly Dozen” ad campaign with the first installment publicly identifying these senators.

But these efforts will prove even more fruitful with the assistance and support of the faithful flock like you—our readers. Please help us carry the message to each of these bishops. Remind them that we are counting on their leadership to protect the souls of the pro-aborts from eternal condemnation and to protect the others from the likes of those who would support, promote or in any way favor the direct act of abortion which is, as the Holy Father teaches, murder.

Celebrate Life will keep you updated on events surrounding American Life League’s “Crusade for the Defense of our Catholic Church, but for more current information, visit our web site at www.all.org.


The “Deadly Dozen”

1. Christopher J. Dodd                               100%
Bishop Daniel A. Hart

2. Tom Harkin                             100%
(D- Iowa)
Bishop Joseph Charron

3. Thomas A. Daschle                                 88%
(D- South Dakota)
Bishop Robert J. Carlson

4. Susan M. Collins                                      100%
(R- Maine)
Bishop Joseph J. Gerry

5. Barbara A. Mikulski                                100%
(D- Maryland)
Cardinal William Keeler

6. Edward M. Kennedy                              100%
Bishop Richard Lennon

7. John F. Kerry                                             100%
(D- Massachusets)
Bishop Richard Lennon

8. Patrick Leahy                                            86%
Bishop Kenneth A. Angell

9. Patty Murray                                              100%
(D- Washington)
Archbishop Alexander  Brunett

10. Mary Landrieu                                       83%
(D- Louisiana)
Archbishop Alfred C. Hughes

11. Joseph R. Biden                                     75%
(D- Delaware)
Bishop Michael A Saltarelli

12. Maria Cantwell                                         pro-abortion
(D- Washington)
Archbishop Alfred C. Hughes


What you can do

In accord with the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, each of these bishops is responsible for his priests and their parishoners. It is imperative that we contact the following bishops and urge them to encourage their diocesan priests by being courageous shepherds. Please write them and ask them to:

  • Assess the voting records of their “Catholic” senators on pro-life issues.
  • Privately contact the senators in their dioceses as well as their priests.
  • Take the appropriate measures as outlined in Canon Law 915.


Bishop Daniel A. Hart
201 Broadway
Norwich, CT 06360-4353

Bishop Joseph Charron
601 Grand Avenue
P.O. Box 1816
Des Moines, IA 50309-1816

Bishop Robert J. Carlson
523 N. Duluth Ave.
Sioux Falls, SD 57104-2714

Bishop Joseph J. Gerry
510 Ocean Ave.
P.O. Box 11559
Portland, ME 04104-7559

Cardinal William Keeler
320 Cathedral St.
Baltimore, MD 21201-4421

Bishop Richard Lennon
2121 Commonwealth Ave.
Boston, MA 02135-3193

Bishop Kenneth A. Angell
352 North Ave.
P.O. Box 489
Burlington, VT 05402-0489

Archbishop Alexander Brunett
910 Marion St.
Seattle, WA 98104-1274

Archbishop Alfred C. Hughes
7887 Walmsley Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70125-3496

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